Karen Gieseke Ph.D. & Associates Inc., 

Psychological and Educational Testing Clinic

General Information Regarding Testing

Our clinic staff works collaboratively to assist you in the best possible evaluation for yourself or your child. We offer a variety of services from clinical assessments, neuropsychological assessments, and educational evaluations. We have a supervising psychologist, Dr. Karen Gieseke, who oversees the clinic and supervises the testing technicians. She also sees all clients coming into the clinic as part of each evaluation. Our testing technicians are all highly trained and experienced and offer an array of expertise in psychological testing and educational consultations.

When you call in to our office and if you are looking for psychological testing, you will be directed to our testing clinic coordinator. The coordinator will obtain information and schedule an appointment for a testing intake. Some insurances require a referral from your primary care physician, so be prepared if that is needed. Your physician can fax over a request for testing to 401 842-0059.

If we are testing your child, the initial intake will be with PARENTS ONLY. Please do not bring your child to that first appointment. At that time, we will obtain extensive information about your child and we will complete paperwork to obtain authorization from your insurance company if needed. A second child intake appointment will then be scheduled for your child to be interviewed and observed generally prior to testing, but sometimes after testing if scheduling does not permit.

Once we receive the authorization for testing, your appointments will be scheduled as soon as possible based on mutual availability, and you will be matched with the best testing technician to address the issue.

Testing is usually completed in 2 sessions of about 2 hours each, however each evaluation is individually designed, and may take longer or shorter depending on how much testing is needed.

If the evaluation is for an adult, after the intake and when the authorization is received, testing will be scheduled.

At the time of the intake, the type of evaluation that is needed will be discussed with the psychologist.

Once testing is completed, all results will be scored and then interpreted and written into a final comprehensive written report. A feedback appointment will be scheduled with Dr. Gieseke. If you would like additional educational consultation from the technician/educational specialist, it can be arranged but insurance will not cover additional consultations with the technician.

Educational testing is offered for reading, math and writing difficulties. A diagnostic reading assessment, math assessment or writing assessment are all available from our testing technicians.

It is important to note that EDUCATIONAL TESTING—That is Testing of READING, WRITING or MATH is not covered by any insurance company. A quote will be provided based on what is needed at the time of the initial intake. Psychological Testing and Neuropsychological Testing is generally covered by most insurances.

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